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Text for Page 121 [03-08-1863]

              a detective, went out with one Whitley for a night-ramble
in New Orleans, for the benefit of
the Era.    The results didn�t amount
to much.    Small houses tenanted by
prostitutes, and Sicilian receivers of
stolen goods an utterers of bad car checks,
a bar, where negroes were gambling (and
where my guide had shot one Pedro
Capdeville, a notorious desperado), two
dance houses after the Water Street pat-
tern, very thinly-attended, and the
El Dorado, on our way back.   Whit-
ley was a character � a Missourian
who had been leading a �border-ruffian�
in the Kansas times.        He had been
in hi four of five �difficulties� and kil-
led his man or men in each � the
particulars of which little reencounters
he narrated to me.         A long-faced, thin
man, not unlike the traditional Yankee,
but well-dressed.  He told me of his
detective operations, some of which were               
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