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Text for Page 122 [03-08-1863]

              simply villanous.
  9.  Monday.   To Capt Mc Clure�s
office, there to ascertain when the
Mississippi � a big, Boston built pro-
peller � started for New York.     He
had offered me a passage on her pre-
viously.   Leaving him with the informa-
tion that she hadn�t got up the river
yet, I was more correctly informed
by a man I met outside � Blunt,
a sharp-faced detective, whom I had
met often enough at the St Charles.
He had just procured a pass from Col.
Chandler, for the body of a dead officer,
to be sent north on the Mississippi, then
at the levee, and proposing to start
tomorrow or Wednesday.    So back
I went and saw Chandler who was of-
fensive and refused me what I got
five minutes afterwards from his su-
perior Mc Clure.       Thence to the
steamer.     Then to the post-office,
overhauling piles of newspapers, and               
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