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Text for Page 123 [03-09-1863]

              at length succeeded in obtaining the
one coveted by pretty Mrs Harris.  Then
to the back of the French cathedral
to get alligator skin ancle-boots, ordered
subsequent to production of long ones.
Then Perrique tobacco and book buying,
cigar buying and promiscuous purcha-
ses incidental to departure.    Got back
to hotel about 3 and an hour after
wards dined with Schell at a restau-
rant in Carondelet Street, where we
fed rather luxuriously, with the ac-
companiment of an excellent bottle of
claret.       Nothing particular during 
the evening.
  10.  Tuesday.   My last day in New
Orleans.  Hither and thither; some
scribbling.   Fellows most compliment-
ary regretful, particularly Schell &
Hayes.    Dinner put down erroneous-
ly to the credit of yesterday.   After
it we met Harris.           In the eve-               
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