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Text for Page 124 [03-10-1863]

              ning a farewell visit to his house,
to which Schell, invited both by Har-
ris and Hancock, would not go, on
Union principles.   There were present
Young, the musician, Hancock, Capt.
Baxter of the Mississippi (to whom I
had been introduced at the St Char-
les) one of the young ladies � neither
Miss Louisiana nor Miss Hughes �
and, of course the Harrisses.   Baxter,
a shortish, stout old boy, with a gray
beard, shaven upper lip and appro-
bative physiognomy, delighted in music
and sang, to Mrs Harris� accompani-
ment on the piano � sometimes the
same song twice over!   Harris &
wife sang, of course, and (equally
of course) Young played �Stonewall.�
Anon we had a shadow entertain-
ment, a white sheet being stretched
across the double doorway between
the rooms, behind which Young               
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