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Text for Page 125 [03-10-1863]

              and Hancock did Heenan and Sayers,
tight-rope walking and dancing, followed
by the Shaking Quaker business, to
the last of which Mrs Lizzy Harris
lent her charming shadow.     I am
pretty sure that my hostess rules her
husband, as I detected little expressive
indications of authority, when he became
unusually enthusiastic and demonstra-
tive.      Harris is a Baltimorean,
perhaps forty, with blackish, curling
hair, a moustache and shaven face,
the last a good deal marked and
wrinkled: his manner is ordinarily
very demonstrative.  He might be
mistaken for a �professional� in music
or from the stage.   To me, his wife was
very charming this evening, expressing
regret at my departure, saying she
�didn�t think� she�d take the Era
any more,� exhibiting my Trib let-
ter in a place of honor in her scrap-               
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