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Text for Page 128 [03-10-1863]

              Powers, boisterously swept us out
of the place, saying that he boarded
there � which was the fact � and
what did we want to pay that old
Dutchman for, who was as �Secesh
as h__l!�                  The man was
really a Frenchman, dogmatic and
stupid, but disposed to be quite
friendly to one.    Schell and he used
to have the most ludicrous little �spats�
with each other on the subject of Secession,
in which the Philadelphian would address
his antagonist in burlesque German
gibberish and be answered with broken
French English denunciations of
�niggers� and Yankees.
  11.  Wednesday.   Up by 6 and
breakfasted an hour later in the
hotel restaurant with Schell and
Ripley, Cash of the Herald (recently
arrived from Key West, to organize
an office and take rooms at the
St Charles for that purpose)               
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