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Text for Page 129 [03-11-1863]

              taking a cup of coffee and awaiting
the arrival of his wife.       Anon
in the Rotunda.   Good bye to Ripley,
who �guessed he wouldn�t go down
to the levee with me as he might
as well take leave then,� and into
hack with Schell.       Bowling down
the street met Harris, who stopped
us, went on to the St Charles while
we dropped into Southern Restaurant
(for a bottle of brandy and one of whiskey
� which proved of infernally bad gun-
lity subsequently) and presently re-
joined us with a book he wanted
me to take to New York.    Then
another shake of the hand with him
and off.          The levee and the
usual crowd attending the departure
of an ocean steamer.      Baker,
Hamilton, A. G. Hills and Hayes
there, with other acquaintances.  Get-
ting on board, Schell helping me,
a devious operation involving an en-               
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