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Text for Page 131 [03-11-1863]

              in a satisfactory aft-cabin in
company with a Lieut. Col Frost,
of the                     going home, having
resigned, in consequence of sickness.
He has two soldiers attending on him,
simple-natured, kindly Yankees, whom
he is obliging enough to quarter in
our cabin, where one occupies the lower
berth, and one sleeps on the long
seat.      Down the river; sunny
and hot.    Got acquainted with
the Purser, Sampson, a friendly
little man whom I learnt to like
a good deal subsequently.    The
vessel has some of the Harriet Lane�s 
men, and some belonging to the
Queen of the West on board, returning
as parolled prisoners.     The former
have been through Texas and came
via Red Rier down the Mis-
sissippi.      Slept capitally, as usual
at sea � notwithstanding the yelping
of two little dogs in a cage, belonging               
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