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Text for Page 132 [03-11-1863]

              to the Lieut-Colonel.
  12.  Thursday.   Off Ship Is-
land, and nearer it than last
time.    Lay there perhaps an hour 
and a half in the bright, breezy, sun-
ny morning, some military passen-
gers going off in a boat.    Then
off for Pensacola.   Expecting that
we may �go up to the town�; ill-
founded as it proved.     For it was
night when we got to Fort Pickens,
of which, and of the vicinity, we saw
nothing but twinkling lights.    A boat
put off into the darkness, carrying
off a jolly doctor and some others,
who were honored with three cheers
(or rather shouts, for Americans don�t
know how to hurrah) and then we
sped on again.           My fellow pas-
sengers resolve themselves into a num-
ber of sick and disabled soldiers,
who crowd the forward lower deck
and litter that above it.    Mostly               
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