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Text for Page 134 [03-12-1863]

              the like.    From one of the Queen
of the West�s people I learn the par-
ticulars of their capture, involving that
of Anderson of the Herald, now
a prisoner at Alexandria, Arkansas,
for the rebels wouldn�t parole him and 
talked unpleasantly of trying and
hanging him as a spy.       We have
half a dozen women on board; one
the rather goodlooking young wife
of an ex-bartender on a Mississip-
pi steamer, a quiet, rustical
young man, dutiful and obedient
to her.    She has glossy black hair,
combed back, French fashion, and
handsomish features, which she does her
best to spoil by an involuntary habit 
of grimacing.   Withal she possesses
a young, plump and comely figure,
a pleasantish, petted voice and a 
baby.      Next in order of the women
is an ex-nun � or supposed to be
such, as two �sisters of Charity�               
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