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Text for Page 135 [03-12-1863]

              brought her aboard and made the 
arrangements for her passage.   She
is a young woman of perhaps six and
twenty, of passable features and largish
figure, wearing her hair in a net 
and getting very much sun-burnt:
nobody could mistake her or any of 
her sex aboard for a lady.        She
seems very attractive to a tall, com-
mon faced ex-sea captain of something
unimportant; he has given up his room
to her and avowed his 
�strictly dishonorable� attentions to the 
purser, who guesses he won�t make
much there.          Next in order, an
ex-nurse of soldier at the N. O.
military hospital, a French widow
resembling a vulgar Albion, who sits
next to me at table.         She was born
at Strasburg, is therefore perhaps
more German than French, talks bro-
ken English, has lived four years in 
New Orleans, and seems honest and               
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