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Text for Page 136 [03-12-1863]

              goodnatured.   She says she has
a sister-in-law in New York, and
recognized me as an Englishman
by my speech.     She would willing-
ly do little, kindly offices for the sick
soldiers.   Next to her (at table) is
an ordinary-faced woman of no parti-
cular physiognomy, with two long, limp
curls, who has no more individuality
to my knowledge than is involved
in her piping forth a wish than an
English vessel (of which more anon)
might sink to the bottom of the sea
with all on board, in case she did
not prove to be a prize to the block-
ade cruisers.       The rest of the wo-
men are common-looking, acidulous,
and trashy.         With them, beside
the tall ex-sea-captain, is generally
to be found our own skipper.   Capt.
Baxter may be a very good sai-
lor and brags at having been round
the world, but socially, he is simply               
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