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Text for Page 137 [03-12-1863]

              an approbative old ass.   He delights
to hear himself cackle, generally talks
in a loudish voice and likes an 
audience, to which he dispenses 
dreary platitudes of the uneducated
American order,  of course knocking
the heads of his negatives together
and using �them� instead of �those.�
Often, when I sit reading (Rus-
sell�s book, �My Diary, North and
South�, or �Barren Honor� or Paul
de Kock) I hear the captain�s
old, self-complacent voice laying
down the law and prating of the
war, abolitionists and what not
when I generally get out of ear-shot.
He is good humored, however, and
not actively offensive.      More so,
decidedly, is a bearded skipper,
who paces up and down in slippers
and a baggy gray suit of clothes,
who seems to have been captain
of some bank trading to the Bra-               
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