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Text for Page 139 [03-15-1863]

              shaven, freckled man who addres-
sed me as his fellow-voyager on
board the �Marion,� when we went
to Charleston in December 1860.
It was Hartley, an Englishman, 
then on his way to Key West, to super-
intend certain works at the Fort, for
the government.   He had recrossed
the Atlantic since then; is now in
charge of the little railroad, or train
way running from the Fort inland.
I soon discovered from his talk that
he was an arrant Secessionist, in
spite of his employment by the U. S.
government.    He told me that he
thought of �going into this running
the blockade business.�      After pre-
senting a note of introduction, from
Cash of the Herald, to Col. Good,
commander of the post, who had
just ridden into the fort, from his
camp, I accompanied Hartley
over the fort � a newly-finished               
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