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Text for Page 140 [03-15-1863]

              one, mounting more guns than I
had supposed.     That effected we
visited an Irish acquaintance of
Hartley�s, just outside the fort,
where the two drank some bad
whiskey.   Returning to the wharf,
I was introduced to two or three
Key West men, by Hartley, one
a tall fellow with an immense,
ragged beard, about as ornamental
as a sponge to his countenance.  On
board the Mississippi with this
little party, to drink:       I then
got rid of them.  Previous to my
walk to the Fort, I had met old
Bethel, got up in his Sunday rig � 
out of danger, he wasn�t too cor-
dial.      Dozed during the heat of
the afternoon, and subsequently went
ashore with Sampson and Frost.   A
walk, first along the sandy shore,
then inland, through the low
undergrowth, bordered by the               
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