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Text for Page 141 [03-15-1863]

              cactus, the prickly pear, the castor-
oil plant and other semi-tropical
vegetation, to the garrison.  A visit
to a burial-ground, where I made
a sketch of the grave of a soldier
who died of yellow-fever, last Au-
gust, for the benefit of his mother.
Anon a visit to Col. Good, whom
we found, with a little knot of ac-
quaintances, on the piazza of a
handsomish wooden house, smoking
and listening to the performance
of a good band.    Joined him.
Pinckney there:   (I had met
him, before, while talking to Hart-
ley and his acquaintances.)  Half
an hour thus, then back to the
  16.  Monday.  Getting out shell.
Strolled ashore, called at Pinckney�s
store � the largest in the place.  With
Frost to a stick-maker, an old
boy named Brannan, who parted               
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