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Text for Page 142 [03-16-1863]

              with his own, special, invaluable
crab-stick for $6 � not to me.
Desiring to buy cocoa-nuts, called
at the house of the Gigers and saw
Miss Sally � whose acquaintance I 
made here, last August.       The Gigers
are about as well known to the
U. S. navy, as according to Lever,
the Dalrymples were to the Eng-
lish army.      The father is a char-
acter, an illiterate old pilot, fa-
mous for his �nice derangement
of epitaphs� a la Mrs Malaprop.
He says his daughters are �the 
most costive of girls &c.�   The
family is about to remove bodily 
to New Jersey, as Miss Sally
told me.    Aboard, and by noon
off for Hilton Head � an unin-
tended destination.  We could get
but 150 tons of coals at Key
West and go to Port Royal for
more.   17. Tuesday.   At sea.               
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