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Text for Page 046 [02-25-1852]

              Afternoon out sketching the Aztec Children �
Evening scribbling for Strong.    Joe came.
Yesterday got a letter from home
  26.  Thursday.  Till 3 drawing on
wood, Reveille.   Made 10 drawings.
Took them down after dinner.   To Bradys
for portraits of Senators, sketching.   Called at
Swinton and Fay�s, sat awhile, returned.
Supped, then did big drawing on wood for
Reveille.   Finished it by 11.   Think its
an hour past midnight or so, now.   Never
was so busy in my life before.  Lantern.
Reveille, Strong, &c &c.    Time goes
briskly just now.
  27.  Friday.   To the Reveille Office with
drawing.  Then back and at work on wood
Did the Retreat of Cortez from Mexico,               
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