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Text for Page 143 [03-18-1863]

              18 Wednesday  On our way to Port
Royal.   Got there in the afternoon
and found a fleet of over 100 vessels, 
including seven �Monitors� riding in
the harbor.      Hilton Head, too, has
grown apace, especially to the left 
of the long pier, where are many new
houses.     Boarded by a little steamer.
Capt King, harbor-master came on
board.      With Capt. Baxter and
a select little party, on the little
steamer to the pier.   Accosted by Os-
borne and another Herald man.  With
them to what were once Halpine�s
quarters, at the end of the building
on the right of the pier; there intro-
duce to a correspondent of the Tribune
and one of the Boston Journal.       The
first was a Frenchman (who, however,
spoke American well enough) with a               
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