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Text for Page 144 [03-18-1863]

              circular space on the top of his head
showed and the rest of his hair cut
objectionably short, I suppose in
consequence of the head.    With his
coat off and his fat feet in white
cotton socks and slippers, I wasn�t
overmuch prepossessed in his favor:
still he may be a very good fellow.
I think his name was Villard.     The
Boston Journal man was middle-
aged.       From thence to see Elwell,
not a Colonel, in the old quarter-
master�s office, now architectural loo-
rally disguised to that extent that
its planter-owner wouldn�t know
it.    Elwell came near dying of
yellow fever, went home to Ohio and
got his advancement during his sick-
ness.         Thence set off to the old
camp of Serrell�s Engineer regi-
ment, ploughing my way through
the sand, to be presently informed               
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