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Text for Page 145 [03-18-1863]

              that little Serrell and George Ed-
wards were absent on furlough, one
in Washington (soliciting a Brigadier-
Generalship) the other in New York.
Back and to the old quarters where
Thompson, Hay, Rice and I lived,
to find Freeman � Learnt that he
was just starting for Beaufort, on
board the Wyoming, and hurrying
down the long pier to overtake him,
met Edge!          He was here for the
World � not on salary, to be paid
his expenses and so much per letter.
Chaffed him about Russell�s mention 
of him as �an officious little person
who was buzzing around� &c.  Found
Freeman, and while talking with
him was recognized by Capt. Fair-
cloth, temporarily in command of the
boat.     Talk.       The Delaware, with
Birdsall aboard, is at Beaufort.
Introduced to Mrs Faircloth, a thin               
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