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Text for Page 146 [03-18-1863]

              woman, recently arrived from the
north.      Good by to Freeman &
Faircloth.     The latter on friendly
terms with Edge, despite the loan.
�I make him help me on some let-
ters I�m writing to Wilkes� Spirit,�
said Freeman, who, I found, had
offered to give Edge money to pay
for his hotel board.            At the end
of the pier � land, or rather sand end
� called on Gen Terry and had a 
talk with him for twenty minutes
or so.    Then out.   Presently met
Charley Honeywell on the steps of
the quartermaster�s office.  Asked him
to ale at the hotel.       Thence down 
to pier together.  Met Gen Hunter
escorting a lady (sister to Terry) Hal-
pine, now Colonel, squiring another, 
and behind them Captains Hay
and Thompson, resplendent in their
blue uniforms and brass buttons.               
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