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Text for Page 147 [03-18-1863]

              All the party had just returned from
a day�s trip to Beaufort.   Talk with
Hay & Thompson.     Rice still
with Gen Wright at Cincinnatti.
Presently accepted Charley Honeywell�s
invitation to sleep aboard the Cosmo-
politan.     Rowed thither across some
distance of water; aboard and supper, 
in company with the captain, officers
of the boat and a number of army
doctors.   The Cosmo is now destined
for hospital uses, in anticipation
of the wounded to result from the
coming attack on Charleston.  After
supper, the Doctors and Charley played
cards, while I read.        A drum-fish
curiously audible during the evening
and night.          At about 10, (after
a moderate glass of hot Bourbon) to
bed in a luxurious cabin, next to
Honeywell�s.   In that young man�s
room I noticed half a dozen photo-               
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