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Text for Page 149 [03-19-1863]

              Hunter�s quarters, some hundred
yards to the left of the long pier.  Hal-
pine was very busy in his office, with
sundry Generals and colonels, so
we didn�t trouble him for the present,
but went to see Col. Fessenden.    After
twenty minutes chat I sent in my
name to the General and was present-
ly invited to visit him, getting a
friendly and cordial reception.  Talk
of New Orleans, Banks, Charleston
and things for an hour.   Then to Hal-
pine, whom I found in his office.
  The sight of one of his eyes 
is destroyed.  He talked awhile
(Gen Terry was with him at first) and
going out to the General, presently re-
turned with an invitation to dinner at
3.        Back to the hotel, meeting Edge
by the way.    The day was now over-
cast, a biting north-east wind blowing,
lashing the waves to fury, and               
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