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Text for Page 151 [03-19-1863]

              of the last persons I saw was little Edge
on one of the steamers, waving his hand
in adieu.       By the way I have for-
gotten that I saw Sears the postmaster,
(temporarily in arrest) who hunted
me up copies of the New South con-
taining my quarantine article, writ-
ten last September � which papers were
duly stolen from me aboard the 
Mississippi.    Got there and saw
Sampson.    Was removed into opposite
cabin, to be tenanted by Boutelle
and Hildreth, the tallish captain
who is or has been pursuing the
Irish �nun.�   Capt Baxter tells
the purser that said nun �dotes�
on him.      Lay off Port Royal all
  20.  Friday.   Off at 6 A. M.
A bitter, windy, rainy equinoctial
storm all day.      Going ahead in good
style, though.     In the purser�s cabin               
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