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Text for Page 152 [03-20-1863]

              all the morning, writing, dozing
in the afternoon, for the sake of
warmth; in the evening pacing up
and down the deck with Capt Bou-
telle, who has been on the naval
survey on this coast for the last
15 or 20 years and knows every-
body in Charleston.   Anon a drink
in our cabin and I returned 
to this diary, which I have at
length posted up to the current
  21.  Saturday.   A strong
north-east wind blowing all day,
the Mississippi, insufficiently bal-
lasted with coal, rolling from
side to side considerably.  General
disappearance of passengers into
cabins.       I sit, trying to write
in purser Sampson´┐Żs cabin, until
the motion of the vessel compels me
to abandon the attempt and take
to reading.    Dozing after dinner,               
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