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Text for Page 047 [02-27-1852]

              finishing it throughout.
  28. Saturday.  To the Lantern Office, saw
Hutchings, and got an order for payment of Picayune
work, which was duly honored.   To Lockingtons
new den, (in the Lantern building,) whilk whilome
was occupied by Field the Artist, who called
while I was there.  Waud there.  He being
drawing & Lockington cutting for Scoville�s
Pick.     Walked back with Waud through
snow and driving rain.     Found a man
waiting for Copy for Strong�s Notions. Gave
him some.   After dinner from three to 
sunset, drying, &c.  Evening scribbling �
  29.  Sunday.    Great row occurred at about
an hour past yester midnight, which arose thus
as at the breakfast table I learned.     Ritchie
the Scotchman who get�s drunk, and then generally               
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