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Text for Page 153 [03-21-1863]

              then to Sampson again, and in
his cabin till near 9 in the evening.
A pretty heavy sea on, drenching
the decks and dashing against the
window, and into the ventilatory space
on top of it.       A thunderous, eternal
swash of water audible, and every-
thing sea-wards looking as wild as
possible.   To berth about 10, the
lighting flashing and a heavy roll
of thunder outside.    We are bearing
in for Point or Capt Lookout, to
avoid worse weather and have lost
(so they say) some fourteen or fif-
teen hours.
  22.  Sunday.   Sunlight and
a sharp, cold wind, drying the
decks and making things pleasanter.
The vessel still rolls, but not
so tremendously as yesterday.
Smoking and loafing on deck or
in purser´┐Żs cabin, with Sampson
and Boutelle, then below, reading               
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