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Text for Page 154 [03-23-1863]

              23.  Monday.   Arrived at
New York harbor between 6 and
7 in the evening.  The captain (and
subsequently most of the officers) went
ashore in boats but I didn�t,
preferring to sleep aboard to the 
disagreeables of getting up-town and
extemporized accommodation at Bo-
ley�s.     In the cabin of the friendly
purser for the last evening, talking
with him over a temperate jorum 
of Santa Cruz.   Very cold outside;
the lights and town looking familiar
enough.      Descending to my cabin
at about 11, occupied it alone,
there being only the baggage of one
of my late fellow-passengers, to
remind me of the existence of those
whom I should perhaps see never-
more.       A sound sleep till morning.
  24.  Tuesday.   After a final
breakfast went ashore in the ship�s 
boat, with Purser Sampson and the               
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