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Text for Page 155 [03-24-1863]

              mailbags, I being perched on top
of the latter, in a rather critical
condition, inasmuch as the water
was rough and steamers about.
Landed at Castle Garden and then
good bye to the kindly, odd little Sampson,
who wouldn�t charge me the usual
$20 exacted from others in pay-
ment for their board.       With my
baggage to the Battery Gate and
thence up-town in a Bleecker Street
omnibus, to the old house, where I
arrived at about 9 �, finding Cahill
breakfasting in the basement.   Saw
Mrs Boley.   Up-stairs: Shepherd
and Watson in their usual lairs.  
In doors till the afternoon, then down
town to the Tribune Office.   A friend-
ly reception by Gay and England; 
talking over matters in the Depart-
ment of the Gulf &c: England in-
viting me out to drink tells me of
eulogies editorial of my letters.  To               
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