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Text for Page 156 [03-24-1863]

              the office of Christopher, Morse, 
Skippon, Haney and Co, where I
didn�t find the last individuality,
so uptown to dinner.     Between
8 and 9 to 745 Broadway, where
Paterfamilias opened the door for
me.     Upstairs to Mrs Edwards
work-room where I found her and
Jack.      Talk for half an hour,
then upstairs to Matty and Eliza �
the rest of the family joining us, stay-
ed till the old hour, 11, and then
back to Bleecker Street, to bed
in the back attic which on my
first arrival in the house, seven
years ago, I shared temporarily
with Haney.   Halsted (whose sol-
diering seems to have ended, and
who was Cahill�s partner in the
Canterbury Hall water-girl affair)
occupies the room, now, Mullen
the adjoining one.
  25  Wednesday.   Down town               
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