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Text for Page 157 [03-25-1863]

              and hither and thither; non mi
recordo as to details.   To Tribune
Office, Haney�s &c.   At evening
up town to 16th street with Ha-
ney, dining and staying the evening
with him.   Boweryem (invited by
a note left at his Broadway resi-
dence) made one of the party.  Saw
Mrs Potter and Miss Cooper, the
latter of whom saluted me, after her
affectionate wont, with a kiss.     A
raw drizzly night to turn out in,
making one regret New Orleans
  26.  Thursday}       Non mi recordo
  27. Friday.}       as to details.
  28.  Saturday.}       Down town al-
most every-day, generally in the after-
noon.  Met Morris at Haney�s, also
Bellew, both as usual, the former
amiable, the latter eulogistic of
Hamilton as an artist and a cor-
respondent.   �They tell me, both at               
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