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Text for Page 158 [03-28-1863]

              the Times and Harper�s, that they
never had a correspondent or artist
who� &c, &c.    Credat Judaeus!
When the man actually grossly neg-
lected the Times� work for the pur-
pose of making bad pictures for the
Harper�s.     Bellew is unveracious, and
never misses a chance to say a politic
thing about his friends.       His brother
Patrick Beckett is no longer a �high-
salaried conductor on the� 1st Ave-
nue �line,� but simply a loafer, living
on Frank, the wife and child, also,
bein quartered in the house at
Fordham.   Bellew doesn�t pay any
rent for it � saying that his land-
lord desired him to stay in and oc-
cupy it, as it would save him �ha-
ving a man in.�    Banks, I saw,
on the first afternoon of my arrival.
I was diving for a three-cent glass
of ale into the little place nearly
below the Tribune Office, when               
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