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Text for Page 160 [03-28-1863]

              to their own country, he of course
instancing Bellew, and parted.
Frank Leslie and John Angel
Wood I saw, at the office of
the former.  Leslie looks as greasy
as ever.      I blew him up about 
Schell�s impecuniosity.  Squier is
only nominal editor to the paper
now, only the little whelp�s name
appears at the head of the �leaders�:
he has been in Washington for, I
don�t know how long, begging, cring-
ing, fawning, intriguing for a place,
which he has, at last, succeeded in
getting.     He is to be arbiter of
some South American claims and
something besides that.   Meantime
Leslie performs the part of husband
to Mrs Squier, lives in a fine brown-
stone house in the Fifth Avenue, pays
or runs in debt for carriage, groom
and expensive dresses, rides, dines
and lies with the wife of the odious               
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