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Text for Page 161 [03-28-1863]

              little cuckold, he being perfectly well
aware of it.    Squier is, of course,
a �biling over� patriot and anglopho-
bist.             Hayes, the ex-engraver
on the Illustrated, is running a
restaurant on Nassau Street, just
below the Sun building.  Called the
�Montezuma,� it seems to promise
success.    He says he has a monied
man to back him as sleeping part-
ner, and has dropped into position 
behind the counter with amusing adapt-
ability.       After a lunch there
and a talk with him, I met Brightly,
who is still on Leslie�s.    Hayes
had seen Alf Waud about a week
ago, Alf being, as my informant
surmised, home on a stolen visit,
unknown to the Harper�s.      
As it so chanced, both Alf and Will
entered the Hall of Montezuma,
an hour or two after my call, when
I was either at Waters�, visiting               
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