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Text for Page 162 [03-28-1863]

              Hall, trying to find a young
squirt who had wasted an hour and
a half of my time yesterday in over-
hauling old Picayune wood cuts, 
of which he selected $50 worth �
and never appeared afterwards � 
or at the Tribune office.        Alf
had shown at Harper�s, and was
going to return to-morrow, Saturday
morning, which he, no doubt ac-
complished.   Hayes describes him
as very rugged, rough and hearty,
and withal a better partisan of Mc
Clellan, still, � which humbug
is now at a pretty wholesome dis-
count in the North.       (In any other
country but the late U. S. he would
have been most deservedly shot, for
his palpable disinclination towards dama-
ging the rebels.)              I saw 
Gaylor going up Broadway one after-
noon and he held me company for
five minutes.   He looks big as               
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