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Text for Page 049 [11-04-1849]

              He�s a fine snob, � witness the portrait of him, its attitude
and look. And as Mrs Gore is read principally by the
�hairy-stock-cracy� as she calls �em, so is Albert Smith
prince royal of snobs read and tired and feared by the �Gents�
which he reviles, bedevils and is chief of. 	/		A
ramble with Wing; then taking pipe and Fasso went alone to
Bergen Rocks.  Little wood, lying down amid
�� the leaves so red
Which Autumn there had cast
                    When going to her water bed
She had undressed her last�;
And there read the account of the death of Clarinda, and of
the voyage of Waldo and Charles to the Isle of Armida with the
recovery of Rinaldo from the beautiful enchantress. /     The day warm,
not to say hot.	    Rambled back by 2, doze in the afternoon and
Dante in the evening.
  5. Monday.  Wrote to Mr Hallock, the old gentleman I met twice
of the American M S ; relative to the late $9 transaction.   In the
evening, it being the eve of Election day, went to New York, to see if 
anything was stirring.  In the Fourth Ward found divers tar-barrels
burning, boys and rowdies congregated together.   And on �James� Ship �
a great crowd, surrounding a sort of bullocks pen elevated above their
heads, in which were divers excited individuals.   One addressing the
manyheaded beast; � at the top of his voice, exhorting them to �annihilate
the base wretches� who differed from them in quarrel. He was on the               
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