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Text for Page 048 [02-29-1852]

              holds forth anent John Knox and the Free Kirk,
happened, with another, to be imbibing at an
adjacent grocery store, when a handmaiden
of Mrs Moorhouse came there, on some errand,
(probably for liquor.)     Ritchie having no key,
with the other followed her to the house, and
whether from stupidity or impudence followed her
to Mrs Moorhouse door.   The lady actress putting 
out her head and spying him asked him what
he wanted, and threatening to call her husband.
Ritchie didn�t speak, and Moorhouse, who
like his wife, was in night-attire; leapt up �
Ritchie bolted � �Charley� followed, and 
overtaking him close by my door, commenced
lamming him terrifically.  His lady wife followed
also; � Ritchie hailed murder, and cussed, and
roared, and the other folks got up.   Finally               
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