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Text for Page 163 [03-28-1863]

              bull-beef and morally ill-condi-
tioned.   Scribbles bad plays still.
A good deal of overhauling �portable
property� in doors; writing to Mary
Anne, to Heichhold and to others.
  Poor Winchester � Capt. Winchester
� is dead.    He was wounded by a
musket bullet in the leg, at the
disastrous battle of Fredericksburg,
and came home to die.      They gave
him a stylish funeral, I think in
Brooklyn.          I�m sorry for Win-
chester: he was a kindly fellow and
very friendly at Fortress Monroe.
I wonder what �Kate� thinks of the
tragical cutting-short of that corres-
pondence � when she looks over her 
pile of Winchester�s letters!      Cahill
is off the Times � discharged: he
does occasional outside reporting for
it still, or rather gets the job for
Watson�s performance.   That human               
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