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Text for Page 165 [03-28-1863]

              as claquer (as the father does � I
have seen him) and inviting all use-
ful people to drink.    Of course he
is in debt with Boley, as are Shep-
herd and Mullen, the last of whom
lies in bed till 12 or 1, draws or
goes abroad, returning in a state of
reeling, staggering drunkenness,
when he tumbles over chairs or the 
stove, and finally staggers to bed.
Once, attracted by the light at which
I was writing he made an irruption
into Halsted�s and my room, being
disposed to be very friendly. A perfectly
wild Irishman is Mullen, yet he
has ability with his pencil, He swears
and blasphemes like the ex-filibuster
he is, delights in rushing about the
attic floor in a semi-nude condition,
with a blanket wrapped round him
Indian fashion, or got up like a
ridiculous Turk.    What with him,               
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