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Text for Page 167 [03-28-1863]

              Mag and the grubby-nailed Guern-
sey, being not a bit too industrious.
Morally the attic-floor stinks:
I should clear out from it were not
my stay to be so temporary.   Cahill
and Boweryem had a row during
my Southern sojourn, originating in
Cahill�s not returning a dollar micros-
cope which he had got from Bowery-
em, under promise of inserting a puff
in the Times.     Unable to get either
article, Boweryem, not too wisely, wrote
to Wilson about the affair.         Then
Cahill slapped his face and a scuffle
followed, in which, says Shepherd,
Boweryem behaved with plucky impe-
tuosity enough to have licked Cahill,
had he been left to do it.           There
was another cause of quarrel between
them � Miss Delany.     I think I�ve
mentioned her before; she is a shop-
girl of Irish parentage, rather pretty               
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