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Text for Page 049 [02-29-1852]

              they got him away down stairs where he armed
himself with a knife and swore dire revenge on
the lady, nearly sticking Mrs Leave by mis-
take.       Other boarders newly arrived that
day, hearing the scrimmage fancied they�d
got in an evil house, and were for quitting in-
stanter � telling Mrs Leave, �she had made
a good thing out of them.� (Of course she had
done a little borrowing or the like.)     Today,
Sunday, Ritchie and Moorhouse were quite
affectionate, spite of the formers discoulered optics.
Moorhouse had apologized, owning he was drunk.
I suppose they all were, his wife and all.
     /            Writing a little, and drawing � for
Strong.     In doors all day � deep snow
outside.     Alf reading the � Green Hand� aloud
part of the day.               
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