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Text for Page 173 [03-29-1863]

              pre-committing himself by becoming
Butler�s guest.             Nevertheless he
was full of characteristic enthusiasm
about the man � �such insight!�
�such enlarged views!� and God
knows how much more � all about
a coarse politician, once an ultra pro-
slavery democrat and tool of the South
� and latterly an extemporized general
who had an extraordinary task to
perform and did it thoroughly, but
not with clean hands.      Verily the
very stones of New Orleans might pro-
test against any idealization of Ben
Butler.     But if Jim had to biogra-
phize Judas Iscariot he�d 
beautify him.            Jim went off to
the hotel where his hero awaited him
(they had just arrived in New York)
and we clomb the three-flights of
stairs to the sitting room of 745.
There till 11, all the family proper               
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