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Text for Page 174 [03-29-1863]

              being present.     Morris came, late,
as usual.      When we broke up, I
left Morris at the door of his lodging.
He rents a room atop of a tall, five-
story-building and, in President Lin-
coln�s phrase �browses around.�
  30.  Monday.   Was smoking a
pope and doing chores in my room
when � enter Schell!     I was surprised
and glad to see him and soon got
his story.   He, with the rest of the
reportorial �crowd� went up the river
on the afternoon of my departure from
New Orleans, and went on, with the
advance of the troops to within five
miles of Port Hudson, where they lay
that night, listening to the cannonade
incidental to the Hartford and Al-
batross running past the rebel strong-
hold.       Banks and the other generals
were there.     �The object of the expe-
dition being accomplished� in the words
of the commander-in-chief, he,               
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