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Text for Page 175 [03-30-1863]

              his staff, and the faithful reporters
all came back to Baton Rouge
and to New Orleans.    Schell, How-
ell, Hamilton and Slack are
all here: Howell returned in conse-
quence of sickness; he would have
died, had he remained, Hamilton
because he wanted to, and Slack
by way of going to Key West!  Slack,
by the way, was on board the Rich-
mond, and has spread himself enor-
mously for to-morrow�s Herald.    All
the party came back on the McClel-
lan, making a rapid passage.   Took
Schell down town, to the Tribune
Office, then to the Ill News, in
search of Will Waud, then to Leslie�s
twice � each time unsuccessfully as
regards seeing F. L. which Schell
wasn�t desperately bent on, as he
had come out ahead in money matters
and wanted to go home to wife and               
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