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Text for Page 176 [03-30-1863]

              children in Philadelphia.   At the
time of his departure from New
Orleans, the $100 advanced by Adam�s
Express people in Schells order on
Leslie, was still unpaid.     Leslie
lied about this to me.   The $100
which Schell got from Gen. Butler�s
brother was paid, luckily.       To
Hayes� for lunch, then to Tribune
office again, where Wilbour being
on hand, I had to act inquisitor
to Schell, while Wilbour took
phonographic notes of his narrative
of the Port Hudson business,
for the benefit of tomorrow�s Tribune
Schell figuring in it, involuntarily
as our correspondent.   Out again
to Crook and Duffs, Wilbour with
us, then to Waters�, where we saw
Hall and a comrade of his, a
friend and correspondent of Schell�s.
Round to a tavern with the three.
Previously I had seen Howell.               
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