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Text for Page 177 [03-30-1863]

              looking languid, but better than 
heretofore, in the lower office of
the World.    He was waiting for an
audience with Marble.      He and Schell
had put up, for one day, at a
crowded Fulton Street hotel, where,
or near where, I presently parted
with the artist � a good and kindly
fellow.         Only �the boy� Hayes
and the two Hills remain now,
in New Orleans, of all our little
at crowd.       A. C. is running the
Era still, and splurging on James
B. Macpherson, �everybody,� says
Schell, �laughing at him, not at
it.�    A. G. has received a sharp
note of dismissal from the Boston
Journal, twitting on �expense� and
other offences.   Very sagely he exhibit-
ed it to Hayes and the fellows.     It
cut him up badly � he had to get
drunk on the strength of it.     His
wife is now with him in New Orleans.               
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