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Text for Page 178 [03-30-1863]

              Hayes was very mournful at the
departure of the fellows:  �I don�t
know what I shall do, when you
are gone!� he said, instancing
my hegira as a primary calamity.
Col John S. Clark, the foolish and
objectionable, got shot through the 
leg by a musket-bullet, near Port
Hudson; Schell heard that he
had died just before the sailing of
the Mc Clellan.     The Harrisses
had sent their photographs to me
in a letter (which I got subse-
quently, at Haney�s) � one of them
justifying Mrs H�s remark that she
didn�t �take� well, in picture.   Apro-
pos, I called on Otis, musical &
dramatic critic of the Express, at
Harris� request, to return a Diction-
ary of Music, Otis� property.
  31.  Tuesday.   The papers full 
of the Port Hudson business : read Hamil-
ton over the breakfast-table.   Non               
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