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Text for Page 179 [03-31-1863]

              mi recordo as to details.   Pro-
bably down-town, hither and thither,
and scribbling at night.

  1.  Wednesday.   Non mi recordo.
  2.  Thursday.   In the evening, by
invitation to Edwards�.  Rich. Rus-
sell and his sister there, also Mor-
ris, Haney, Nast and his wife,
and the rest of the family.   Talk
and a bit of a dance.     Sally
very friendly, repeating her invita-
tion to visit them.    �I wish you�d
come!� said she.     �A general invi-
tation is no invitation,� was my an-
swer.   �When will you come? can you
come on Saturday? etc.�      I expres-
sed doubts as to the genuineness of
Nast�s wishing to receive me as a 
guest; she said I did him injustice.
�You don�t know him, and you never
have known him!� quoth Sally ear-               
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