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Text for Page 180 [04-02-1863]

              nestly.   So, after a brief conference
with Tommy, it was arranged
that I should dine with them on
Tuesday night.    When the little
party (given, I suspect, in my honor)
had broken up, Morris must needs
have Jack and I accompany him
up to his room to smoke a pipe
there.   Morris vows that paying
$5 or 6 per week for board is
�outrageous,� saying that it costs
him about $2.50, that he lights
his own fire, prepares his own
breakfast and supper, sweeps
out the room and does chores gene-
rally � as I did, once, on 290
Broadway.   We had a mild smoke
and talk, and at about 1, descend-
ed the dark staircase and turned
into the dank, drizzly night.    I
have felt low-spirited and somehow
disappointed and lonely, since
my return.        I want to be off               
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